About Us
Aloha! Welcome to Hawaii Universe, the Hawaii Kingdom's International Relations Agency! The purpose of Hawaii Universe is the promotion of healthy social and economic international relations. Our primary focus is to encourage people to socialize because socializing leads to good economics. Simply put, the more incentives a person has to go to the mall, the more time a person will spend at the mall and the more time that person spends at the mall, the more money that person will spend at the mall! Hawaii Universe provides this incentive by giving away... FREE Airfare FREE Hotel Accommodations. Plus up to 70% off activities such as movies and golf and restaurants, so you can enjoy yourself when you arrive! Our members are only responsible for the taxes, fees and surcharges. The airfare and hotel accommodations are 100% FREE! To put it in perspective, if you were to receive one night FREE hotel accommodations and the value of the room is $100 and the tax is 10% the cost to you would be only $10! You may ask yourself how can Hawaii Universe give away FREE airfare and hotel accommodations? It's simple. When a hotel room or seat is not sold and is empty, it doesn't cost the company anything to give it to you FREE! In fact the company would rather give it to you for FREE so that you can spend your money enjoying and pampering yourself at their local shops, restaurants and venues, who of course is paying the hotels rent. The secondary focus of Hawaii Universe is promoting family activities in the Hawaii community that unite the nations. Hawaii Universe has a 2 step agenda to achieving this goal: 1. Launch 12 World sites, one dedicated to each community on the planet 2. Establish and Host A Series Of Ongoing International Activities And Events: Hawaii Universe International Luau's - Inviting ALL nations of the world to come together and break bread. Hawaii Universe International Festival Uniting ALL nations of the world in a 16 week super celebration of diversity. Hawaii Universe International Games - Uniting ALL nations of the world in competitive family activities and events. 3. Start enjoying life, JOIN NOW!